SSL certificate monitoring made easy

Certison is the guardian that you can count on. When monitoring your HTTPS certificates at Certison, you can rely on that your e-services will run encrypted and secure.

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HTTPS certificates do expire and fail

HTTPS certificates always involve expiration dates. Continuous renewal and follow-up tasks are required. Human and technical errors occur with server configuration, automatic renewals and lack of communication. All the time.

Are all your services secured?

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • SaaS services
  • Platform services
  • Cloud services
  • IoT devices and services
  • Smart devices
  • Print servers
  • Mail servers
  • User management servers
  • Proxy servers

SSL/TLS monitoring prevents you from:

Downtime of service and operations

Loss of sales and business – halted cashflow

Reputational damage

Reduced trustworthiness. Image hampered by irresponsibility, unreliability. Angry, dissatisfied customers.

Terms of service and service level agreement (SLA) violations

Trusted by:

"Certison's ability to notify our team through Slack and e-mail, offers great value for us. Certison enables us to always be up to date and to react before anything disastrous happens to our own or our customer's e-services. The ability to oversee the health status of a multitude of https-certificates has proved out as extremely valuable."

Sam Stenvall, Lead DevOps Engineer
Digia Oyj

The easy solution for automatic SSL monitoring and alert notifications

Free for private use, cost-effective for organizations. Certison monitors your digital certificates, and notifies your team of any unwanted state or expiry dates closing in – in time.

Automatic monitoring against change and any unwanted state

Certison keeps you updated when:

  • Expiration dates are closing in
  • Certificates have expired
  • Faulty HTTPS prevents access to your e-service
  • Anomalies occur such as fingerprint or issuer change.
Expires in 30 days
4 months
6 months
6 months
12 months


The certificate used by the endpoint will expire within two months (2018-08-30T02:00:27+03:00).

Receive alert notifications before it's too late

Notifications are triggered and sent to you as soon as something out of the normal occurs, allowing you to take action before it's too late.

You can easily define your notification channels to include e-mail, Slack or both.

Centralized inventory

Certison allows for a centralized inventory for a large number of certificates, independent of any host and third-party service provider.


History data is stored and accessible, so you can always look back in time to see when a certificate had changed as well as what had changed.


10 certificates

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100 certificates

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1000 certificates

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